Breaking into IB in Hong Kong from HKUSPACE ?Is it possible?

Hi everyone,
I am an aspiringfinancial analystwho would like towork inBBinHK, I have some questions and would be highly appreciated if replied.

1.How hard will it be to break intoBBinHKwith BBA-Acc &Fin degree from HKU SPACE +some finance work experiences in HK+ CFA? Will it be consider as equivalent toHKlocal universities (say from HKU or HKUST) or help me in any way?

2.I had already applied to HKU,HKUST,CityU but haven't received the offer twice so already lost 2 years .Should I wait for next year to reapply all 8 local universities inHKor just start BBA now from HKUSPACE and start ASAP and work accordingly as point no.1 given that I am non local student and now 26.

3.Will HKU SPACE BBA Computer Science or Fintech by any chance leads near to my goal compared to BBA-Acc & Finance?Or any institutions you recommend for BBA?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • Analyst 1inIB - Gen
Apr 18, 2021 - 2:09am

One major factor: do you speak fluent Mandarin

Apr 18, 2021 - 2:15am

No.However, I have passed level 1 Mandarin at this moment and able to do simple conversations.I am planning to be business fluent by the end of BBA.

Would you mind sharing whether HKUSPACE degree is credible or not in HK?

And in HKU SPACE website at the end there is disclaimer;"It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead", which really increase my doubtfulness.

Apr 18, 2021 - 5:42am

1) No - unfortunately it is not considered as HKU because HKU itself offers BBA Accounting and Finance with a separate entry requirement which is higher than the HKUSPACE one. For what its worth, HKUSPACE and other similar colleges are considered a stepping stone into the 8HKunis if you dont get in. It is half way between a school and uni. Although HKU Space is part of HKU they are fundamentally different things where HKU has its own proper undergraduate degree and SPACE is more like a place for continuing education (as suggested in its name).CFAis useless forIBalthough it is never bad to have it, just dont expect it to make a huge difference to careers.

To break intoBBIBinHKfrom local uni, you realistically can only go to HKU, CityU and HKUST because there are so many people who 1) went to target US/UK uni 2) mainland target uni that also want to work inHK. They are very qualified on paper(there is some sort of preference for people with oversea unis especially if they are target unis) and probably speak fluent mandarin inIB(which is a requirement in many cases as a fair amount of work has to do with translation).

2) Haven't been to local unis so not sure how that works but can you do HKUSPACE then do a proper undergrad at one of the 3 unis you mentioned? Otherwise I strongly recommend you to look at other career opportunities and start there. BoutiqueIBshops are harder to find inHKso maybe something like Big4 M&A would be a good place to start (worse case start in audit then go to M&A). But even for those big4 positions im not sure if HKUSPACE will get you there but is a route toIB.

3) No - its all about the name and reputation of the institution and not the course (of course the course matters but if the uni is completely non-target it won't matter too much). Stick to A&F if you were to go for HKUSPACE.

Honestly I think you have to think about what is a backup plan because your changes are very low without a proper undergraduate degree from the Big 3 uni in Hong Kong to even stand a chance against overseasHKapplicants. Network with small boutique shops now and see if you can get some experience there because you need something to give you an edge above the other applicants and some relevantIBwork experience will be very helpful.

Apr 26, 2021 - 3:20pm

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