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+555 When I was an intern once, had an MD go to Chicago to close on a deal that was heating up. Guy was very much so "new money" and didn't act like the conservative traditional banker. GridironCEO
+465 If you are a female, I would like to congratulate you on securing a return offer. InterninIB-M&A
+445 hopeful123 Recruiting isn't going as planned huh ProspectinIB-M&A
+373 How are you straight if you hooked up with a dude? Analyst 1inIB-M&A
+338 You're probably fucked to be completely honest. You should have started the process much earlier. cloutape
+291 Depends if my wife checks the credit card bills EngineerinOther
+270 I don't know you personally, but I can confidently say you've never had a worse idea. Five Star Man
+266 i guess if you can't hack it in banking you can't hack it in the world of made-to-order sandwiches crafted by experts with the freshest of ingredients. Eat fresh, scrub sloppysteve123
+254 bruhchain
+245 GS_Diversity_Analyst
+226 I am just an undergrad but this is very much my plan at the moment, a couple of years IB then switch into REPE (which looks like a really cool gig) then go home and have sex with your wife. Steve Wibble
+224 Let me guess, you're a UVA grad working in Real Estate in Charlotte making roughly $90k and you're excited about driving your new basic package model 3 to your next vacation in Charleston. Max Heiliger
+222 Marry her dad 黑猩猩
+214 What's her IG @ Analyst 1inIB-M&A
+213 PE Firm: "We invest in B+ companies. They have a lot of potential, but have some flaw that helps us buy at a discount (recent managment changes, disruption, etc.). Analyst 1inIB - Cov
+213 I'm giving way more time to this post than I should: Analyst 1inIB-M&A
+211 Gotta be honest, I get pretty sick of this comment. We get it, you're sooo smart even IB isn't challenging enough for you. Maybe you can start by challenging yourself to do more than go through the motions. Associate 1inIB - Cov
+204 今晚就浪费了,看电影和睡觉很多。Tomorrow will be the time to snort an Adderall pill and get planning. ProspectinIB - Gen
+202 与“我们”,实习生放松 Analyst 1inIB-M&A
+202 I'm a girl but thank you smol_depressedanalyst
+200 Ok it's time we admit that those 13 goldman analysts are fucking legends rezjopls
+200 Shut the fuck up pussy don't hijack the thread InterninIB-M&A
+196 Honestly getting tired of this view that I'm seeing. Even today, in no other profession can you find the upward mobility and high starting salary that IB provides. Associate 1inIB - Cov
+192 There's a reason you're not at Blackstone, and it's not because of your Tier 23 undergrad institution; your MD was testing you and, unsurprisingly, you failed miserably. Non-PC Broker
+187 周五晚:饮料在屋顶酒吧。通常2美元0-25 a drink, but thats what this industry is all about right, blowing excessive cash. Hit an upscale bar, then head to a club. 交易团队六
+184 Analyst 2inIB - Gen
+179 Dumbest thing I said was in response to the dumbest question I ever received. newyorkermonkey
+178 Did you need to use your little consulting frameworks to figure that one out? Associate 1inPE - LBOs
+173 Intern in IB-M&A: Minimum 800k Analyst 3+inHF - EquityHedge
+172 You don't give up. i3dcashstaffer
+172 Do not take your life over this man. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I have had people close to me take their own lives. oceandrive
+171 it's called cocaine you moron guggroth93
+167 "it was at that point that I became a Republican" m8
+167 Hey bro, they posted a rainbow flag and a black square. Citi CARES, ok? Associate 3inPE - LBOs
+165 Also, I did say "no homo" so I'm good Joebaskin先生
+165 Feel like this has been answered a million times but since we're all stuck in quarantine I'll lay it out for you simply. Quaneaser
+164 The answer to this is absolutely relative. It depends on culture, race, wealth background friend group, expectations, marital status, parental status,etc. numbermassager
+164 不,实习生都是男性。是什么让它甚至是tter was that one of the the female analysts was in a relationship with an analyst from another firm. el bee oh
+161 Don't worry about the length, I didn't read it anway Associate 2inPE - LBOs
+160 *senior associate 爱达荷州
+157 "I'm holding your family hostage" that will always get a reply anonymous14
+155 Same thing happened to me bruh. I'm blacklisted from Lizard and Nevercore. Associate 2inIB-M&A
+154 Wtf did I just read lol Analyst 1inPE - LBOs
+153 thebrofessor, I appreciate getting looped in this! wsa007
+153 InterninIB - Gen
+149 Are you fucking kidding me? Get the coffee and shut the hell up. SECfinance
+148 Genuinely enjoyed reading this. Brutal situation I know, but a great inside look as to how the sausage is made. Appreciate the write-up. Business SchoolinIB - Gen
+146 CL* not CV, pls fix - I expected more attention to detail from someone who dings kids for CL file names Associate 2incorpdev
+144 One that isn't doing seamless right now Analyst 1inIB - Gen
+143 我知道无数的学生可以将您所有的孩子从水中吹出,而他们所做的一切都可以闯入水中。 Analyst 1inIB - Cov
+143 那一刻,民主党成为共和党人 iggs99988
+142 you are fucking idiotic InterninIB - Cov
+137 Patz, welcome to Wall Street Oasis! I'm sure a few high school seniors will be here shortly to offer your wife some great advice on making MD. Guest1655
+134 These dudes are fucking cancerous leonardo dicaprisun
+134 If the bank wanted you to have a girlfriend, they would've issued you one Maddcow
+133 孩子们如何不尝试与所有强大的BadDealFlow12建立联系,这个行业不是过去的样子。 elmadrileño
+132 Winter = Fintech Storyofmylife
+131 Jesus Christ, Isaiah_53_5 Composite Prestige Ranking: PrestigeCaller
+131 Nice try, IRS. HuskySized
+130 I mean are you proud you did this? lost_canadian
+130 you're already on wso at work, starting good habits while young is key 安道
+130 Walk up to your dad "Hey dad, do you have any friends in IB I can talk to and network with?" = Goldman TMT JoeEXOTIC
+130 very common, I made 7 figures as an intern(top BB in Zimbabwe - think GS/MS/UBS) InterninIB - Cov
+130 My boss sent out a tweet one time while he was high as fuck talking about how he wanted to take our multi billion dollar firm private. Dean Keaton
+129 Thanks for this, some good stuff in here. Didn't need to send me spiraling into an existential crisis with that last sentence tho. Analyst 1inIB-M&A
+128 IDK how feasible the Golden State Warriors would be, even if you're coming from GS then KKR... Associate 1inIB - Gen
+126 Nobody: Analyst 1inIB - Cov
+126 There are many entry points to a successful career. The classic Target > IB SA > IB FT > PE > H/S > PE/HF > Greatness pathway is only one of them. Dr. Rahma Dikhinmahas
+125 neither can consultants 请咨询我
+125 You say he's an amazing guy but you aren't willing to stick with him because he's working long hours. You should do him a favor and get out now. DidntReadAnything
+125 Oh, come on, give him something to work with. mmpewso
+124 Interviewed at Goldman after my freshmen year for some diversity summer analyst role, this was in my prime years before my GPA went down the toilet. GridironCEO
+124 lol welcome to the real world kid. Better think twice next time you vote dem. Esuric
+123 I made an amended list based on what you guys really want: Top: LongIslandBound
+123 Dated a girl once whose dad had 9 figures. Not sure if he even finished college, started some manufacturing businesses. Retired in his 50s to travel the world. Angus Macgyver
+123 Great post and nice to see someone with some experience weigh in on reality. As someone quite a bit older, I've seen the randomness you describe many times over. rickle
+123 We don't know your financial situation, you work in finance. Make a budget and figure it out you fucking simpleton. RandyButternubs
+123 You have solid M&A experience and can exit to MBA, PE, HF, whatever you want. You've already made it champ. You are the winner. Don't let anyone take that away from you PainterDry
+121 出色地?你回应了吗? ProspectinIB-M&A
+121 When you reach "Human" status on WSO. Anonymous Monkey
+121 实际上,您的第一周只是建立一切(电子邮件,笔记本电脑,电话,合规任务,与团队中的每个人见面,了解客户和项目),然后您开始招募Buyside < Analyst 3+inIB - Cov
+121 2nd year analyst here- TechCoverageBanker
+121 Juniors in my group (especially first years who are starting their first role in a professional environment virtually) feel immense pressure to be online at all hours and to be ready to turn comments at the drop of a hat. Analyst 2inIB - Cov
+120 TLDR-没有TLDR,生活很复杂,阅读整个他妈的东西,然后向我扔给我写小说:) thebrofessor
+120 lol you sent me this email Associate 1inIB-M&A
+119 Message my inbox with your phone number and let me know when you're able to speak tonight between 8pm and 9pm. anon1254
+119 I've got a good one..... Recently I was working on a deal that had a pretty intensive diligence process. I was grinding away for three weeks straight, burning the midnight oil, spending weekends in office, etc. Trainer
+119 $100MM by 35. $10 by 40. CRE
+118 很高兴听到JP Morgan发现了条件格式 Apple_iBank
+118 Habibi I'll update this one day when I'm not drunk. You're right though. I guess I can imagine a life without IB pay, however sucky it may be, but I absolutley cannot imagine a life without her. Associate 2inIB - Gen
+118 yeah if this was Walmart Staff Oasis then he'd have a valid point RE-PE
+118 完美的分析师 Cmp59
+118 High level thoughts. I assume most people in this thread will talk about learning technicals, modeling, formatting, etc. Analyst 1inIB - Cov
+117 Not me but a friend of mine; Jaxom
+117 You created this topic anonymously but then responded with your username. Associate 3inIB - Cov
+117 Who else though he was referring to pounds as in lbs, and thought we were dealing with el chapo here. InterninIB-M&A
+116 “在高强度的合并,收购和IPO中,年轻的女性投资银行家(杰西卡·范(Jessika van),CBS的“高峰时间”)面对华尔街兄弟会的父权制。”是的,不 Associate 2inAcct - Other
+116 that'll cost 250+ bananas 2rigged2fail
+116 Hey I know this was really important to you, but you have to realize that getting into IB by no means makes you a successful person. GordyGekko
+115 Rub one out and reassess DeveloperinRE - Comm
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