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你好WSO社区,我从未在在线论坛上发布建议,但没有人可以谈论我的困境,而真正地需要帮助。关于我的一点...我一直保持我的精神疾病(双极1,多动症和学习障碍的混合)我一生的秘密,并发现在学者和实习期间都可以在学术和实习方面脱颖而出。我从来没有能够处理新信息,阅读,学习,多任务,并专注于公共场所,这使得工作和学习tradingfloor a never ending nightmare.

All through my life in school, I failed to process any new knowledge in the classroom and would spend weekends and holidays getting ahead before falling behind in class. I outworked all my piers and scarified much of my childhood to graduate valedictorian of my class, taking 10 APs . Prior to college, my family had a team of 5 tutors that also helped me play catchup every week. Got into top 20 university from nontarget city and applied to 200+ financial institutions and luckily received an internship offer in S&T at prominentMM。远程工作来回在平静安静的环境m home during the pandemic, I was able to hide my learning disability and outwork my piers in competitive internship by loading up on Adderall and working 110 hours each week for 2 months. Ultimately I received a return offer to a full time S&T rotational program . I would write everything down in training calls and review and review until I had it down pat next time I spoke with senior coworkers. Now I am in the office on the trading floor as an analyst and find myself in a coma every day after work from the constant pings from the terminal, flashing tv screens, a convoluted mixture of shouts, pranks and antics, and serious client pitches around me. By the end of the day, I have no energy to learn and review all the topics i misunderstood. The solution i found in college and my virtual internship, boosting up on stimulants, worked in a stable environment, but on the trading floor ... causes sensory overload and makes me incredibly anxious.


我已经对朋友的同事和人力资源保密了我的精神疾病秘密,但不确定我是否可以再保密。我正处于崩溃的边缘,害怕从压力中浮现出一集。如果我与人力资源或同事分享我正在经历的事情,那么我冒着从码头排斥的风险,并歧视潜在的改组回办公室or on chopping block to be fired until I give them a suitable reason. I've thought about trying to make a move internally toIB卑诗省的环境可能更有利于安静和结构化的气氛较少触发,但考虑到我目前的角色并不擅长,并且被认为是一个退出机会,因此似乎很难宣传。我已经想到了我可以采取的所有路线,但固定不安。我应该怎么办?我应该分享我的现实而不是心理健康吗?或两者?根本没有并粗暴地解决吗?我觉得每个人都注意到我在挣扎,但对我来说不会真实。

How do you manage mental illness in the office space and still excel at a high level? Do you have any stories of friends or family that have navigated through similar circumstances?

Plz help. Any mental health resources & advice greatly appreciated. I am desperate

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2021年11月9日 - 下午5:17
兔子,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:

Your first step needs to be seeking professional help. It's hard enough to manage something like ADHD by yourself in a high stress environment. A professional will arm you with the appropriate tools, whether its therapy or medication, to manage what you have.

I took years to seek help for my ADHD and man it changed my life.


  • ProspectinRE-通讯
Nov 10, 2021 - 12:14am


  • Analyst 2inPE - LBOs
2021年11月9日 - 下午5:40

Hey man, sorry to hear your story. I also suffer ADHD, so I can relate, but I can't imagine how worse it gets when you add bipolar + not being able to learn in public. It seems that you are going through a very difficult time... In an ideal world, you would tell HR about it and it would be helpful, but I don't think that it would be the case IRL, and more in this industry.

Given that you are already working c.100h/week, there is nothing more you can do in that sense. I think that your best bet would be to try to work from home regularly. In a normal situation, it would put you at disadvantage vs your peers, but given that the alternative is disastrous for you, I think that that's your best bet. If HR/your team allows it, you have the potential to do very well.

In case they don't allow you to WFH, I think that plan B should be to tell HR about your issue, and tell them that the only way for you to do well is to WFH. Then they could either be understanding and helpful or not, but I think that it is worth to try, given your situation. If they are not helpful, I think that you should look for a different role ASAP. Finance overall is not the best environment for people with those disabilities, but there are jobs that suit better than others. I think thatIBwould be a better alternative to S&T, given that it is very intense but less fast paces.

However, I think thatwould be better for you. You get to do more research on your own, and less interacting with other people vs S&T orIB。我认为这对您来说是理想的选择。分析师位置也是如此晒黑HF

Nov 10, 2021 - 10:59am
Legion42,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey brother,

I would seek out a doctor and get diagnosed with anxiety or some other condition. Then you will be protected by HIPAA. These banks / hedge funds /PE由于法律行动可能非常昂贵,因此不敢与HIPAA混乱。

2021年11月10日至8:03 PM
topbuckethardess,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:


谁告诉你,当有类似am的东西时,在成人等同的成人工作中工作是个好主意,,,,PWMcorpfin/dev, fp&a or even something in tech like product management or swe, or even a quant in buyside.

a trading floor is probably the most frat-like environment in the professional world (not just finance), so its pretty funny that fate brought you there (or maybe you just accepted the highest paying offer, in which case its not as funny)


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  • TraderinS&T -FI
Dec 5, 2021 - 8:11am


Regarding your predicament… Probably try to get a different job. S&T is not going to change and it seems a bit incompatible. If you're going to tough it out… it sounds like you are in a rotational program so DO NOT DO SALES OR TRADING AT A FLOW DESK FOR YOUR NEXT ROTATION. DO SOMETHING IN RESEARCH, INTERNAL STRATEGY or PROJECT/STRUCTURED BASED WORK. Sales and trading is not going to change, and it sounds like you will not be able to have long term success in those roles.

Dec 5, 2021 - 11:39am
Smoke Frog,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:



Third, you can try to listen to all these other poster and get a diagnosis and then tell HR and try to be "protected", but that's not a long term solution. In trading you gotta be on the floor man. And just because you can't be fired cause of HIPPA, what kind of work environment is that where you're protected from getting fired but your team feels alienated from you.

You may be infatuated with trading or finance, but you also have to consider if the work environment is conducive to your reality.

What Purdue a career where the typical work environment doesn't mesh well with your mental illness? Why not pursue a career where you can work alone at home? Just doesn't seem like a smart choice you've made.

Dec 6, 2021 - 5:24pm
Subprimed,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey man, I can relate to your situation quite alot and this would be my advice:

  1. Talk to a therapist (will give you the tools to focus and/or manage your emotions etc)
  2. Get ADHD medication (if you don't have it already, helps a f-load)
  3. 如果您喜欢它,请尝试转移到公司内的研究职位(环境更适合像您这样的人)
  4. 只需花几分钟即可进行调解
  5. 锻炼
  6. Sleep
  7. Eat as healthy as you can

Most of the points above have worked for me.

Basil Hayden,,,,what's your opinion? Comment below:

这是一个很好的建议。非常多动症,被诊断出在小学中,但告诉博士将其推开。从那以后,我的大脑在高中时就被开了多动症药物。它创造了奇迹,并让我专注于长时间的高压力Levfin的职业。I don't take the meds on the weekend and the lady thinks I'm on crack… an endless motor.

  • Analyst 1inS&T -FI
Dec 7, 2021 - 6:15am

嘿,我们BBST analyst here

我无法与您的经历有关,但我必须想象,让人们猛击您旁边并不理想。您是否考虑过搬到流动流更多的桌子上?我不知道您使用的是什么资产或产品,但要说您是否使用现金股票/香草掉期/任何有时的报价价格的东西 - 您是否有可能尝试其他交易/销售(例如CLO),QIS,中央风险,Exotics,结构化信用?流动性不足的交易桌往往更具技术性,但是只要您有时间和空间,您就会听起来好像学习更学术的东西一样。从我在QIS上的经验来看,这些更具异国情调的桌子可能非常合适不是异常)

maybe you can also consider going into a structuring role? So not joining a flow rates structuing thing but again exotics or even things like real estate financing, securitisation,腹肌(取决于您的银行的结构如何)

Lastly if all fails can you see yourself being a good sales? Like electronic trading platforms? Those aren't traditional market roles with less obvious exits etc but nonetheless make enough money for you to not worry about it

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